Ma is everyone’s name for my mother.
Ma’s gallbladder was removed in January and what was a simple operation pointed out something that made the doctor worried. After a month of driving to several hospitals, weeks of testing and probing,  getting various opinions, lots of sitting and waiting, it was deemed “inoperable”. Ma was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in February 2010. The only treatment available would be chemotherapy. Almost everyone knows what that does to a body, so Ma looked at her son(me), “You’re the smart one, get rid of this.”

We decided on a new hopeful treatment that requires a lot of work and over 18 months of intense, every hour therapy. It takes a toll on her and it takes a something happening every HOUR from her husband (Pa), and of course, from my family as well.

Unfortunately, this therapy is not covered by insurance. It costs an awful lot per week. While we recognize that we could have taken the chemo, which would have been covered by her insurance, it did not seem like the right thing to do. Weakness had become the norm for the month of hospitals and not eating correctly and the percentage of success was far too low. We do understand the decision we made.

We are only asking for donations to help Ma, because none of us can work right now as we have to be hands on with her and this therapy. It cost a tremendous amount to get started which depleted all the savings in the total family. We have sold almost everything we have to sell. We simply need a large boost to maintain the regimen here in the crucial first 6-10 months.

If you could find it in your heart, we are willing to accept people’s help as we feel that we could do so much if we just could maintain our current schedule. Anything you feel is right in your heart, we can’t thank you enough.

I can promise you this, when I told her about the treatment, and she looked at me and said, “I don’t have the money to do this,” I realized that I needed to ask for help. Our fundraising goal is a big one, but I know that my Ma and Pa have touched enough people to make this okay.

Thank you with all I am.
Bike Run and Cook-Off Saturday April 3rd