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We have as humans!

Owner of Fitness 180, Personal Training Services & TeamShinaGo! Books, Products & Workshop series
Fitness Resource & Contributing Writer for many fitness-related websites including WebMD, First Magazine, Monster.com, SheKnows.com, MyFitTribe.com, ClarkBartram.com and more…
Certified by the American Council on Exercise for Nutrition & Weight Management, Personal Training and Pre- & Post-Natal Exercise; UofA, BA in Dance – 10yrs Dancer/Choreographer

Susie will be at the boot camp to show dads how to be fit enough and how to bring more sex into the relationship by being more healthy.

Honeymoon‟s Over: Is your new spouse making you FAT? Hey Dad, did having kids wreck your body too? Get it back fast!  
Jack Hatfield is America’s Human Spirit Revitalizer!

“I will not be pulling any punches. I am your coach to improve your attitude towards your Success. I will teach you that you have everything you need to succeed inside of you BEFORE you were born. Together, we will make a difference, not just in your personal Success, but in all of your endeavors.”

Jack will show you how to change your attitude to get more out of being a Dad. Get more out of being a Husband. Get more out of your career.
Jack writes for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is the Best-Selling Author of two books, and a professional speaker. He will get you motivated.
He founded the Fix the Family, Fix America seminar series to help families reconnect and become a force again.
Yes, we say it and we talk about. We all know SEX is one of the main ingredients to a happy relationship. We would be remiss if we left it out. So, at the workshop, you will learn ways to have MORE, BETTER and MORE sex!
When people talk about all that lovey-dovey stuff in a relationship, without mentioning the elephant in the room, SEX, they are not prepared to really help your relationship. You know you like sex, we know you like sex, and if you don’t that is ok too!
We are leaving no stone unturned in making you a better, husband, father and man.
Let me introduce the first of many contributors to this endeavor. Both are parents that now have, as their ultimate goal, to change the lives of families now. They have seen where it all can go wrong and they are committed to helping make a difference today! You see an awful lot of workshops or “evenings” or  conferences that some BIG name purports to be at, but nonetheless sends a trained guy. You can be sure that one of the mentors will always be at our work shops. We created it to show the world what we know, not what we put in a neat little package.
Ok, now let’s get back to it. By now you are probably wondering, well what about Sex? Yeah, we know. Trust us, it is a big part!
Are You Sometimes Lost as a Father?
Do You Know What Your Child Thinks?
This is quite possibly the most important thing a Father can do for his child.
You remember it. The day you held your child in your arms for the first time.

It made you promise to be a good father. Change your ways. Be a good role model.

Then life happens or you did not make any promises and went about life as needed.

You know you want to be the best father but something seems to be missing.

Only 66% of children now live with their biological father. Men have placed themselves over their responsibilities in alarming numbers. You do not wish to be a part of that horrible statistic.

You want to make a difference.

Now you can start right now.
This is a “sexual education” video from Planned Parenthood. Is this the way you want your children to learn about sex?
I know what you are thinking...I am a man!
Before you think that we will throw away your masculinity, think again. Part of being a Father, Husband and better Man is being a REAL MAN!
We will be showing you things your father should have taught you. Things you can pass on to your family.
Changing a tire. Oiling a door. Change your oil. Carve a Turkey.
There are lots of the information left out of the school system and left to the broken families of these last generations. We are losing the wisdom of generations before us. We can fix this.
Think about this. If you were to die tomorrow, would anyone care?
Are you making an impact on someone’s life? You should at least make an impact on your child’s life. If you can’t do that, who can you impact? Did your parents make an impact on you? If not, are you using that as an excuse? If so, are you doing the same?
The answers to these questions can be found by attending the workshops or boot camp.
“1 in 3 women will be needing abortions...”
Gloria Steinem 2009 ABC
Tiger Woods just recently had some “transgressions”. How many times have you said, “If I had millions of dollars and a hot wife, my life would be perfect.” Seems that all of that does not make it perfect, apparently. We teach you what you need to feel good in your family relationships no matter how much money you have!
What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world,
and lose his own soul?"—Mark 8:36
Just look at some of today’s...
Cold Hard Facts!
Don’t you agree we have some sort of
Detroit has a 75 percent out-of-wedlock birth rate, an 85 percent rate of fatherlessness and a pathetic high school graduation rate of 29 percent. Moreover, six out of every 10 families living in the state of Michigan have had intervention by child protective services.
For the best part of thirty years we have been conducting a vast experiment with the family, and now the results are in : the decline of the two-parent, married-couple family has resulted in poverty, ill-health, educational failure, unhappiness, anti-social behaviour, isolation and social exclusion for thousands of women, men and children.
75% of adolescent patients in chemical abuse centres come from fatherless homes. 
[Rainbows for all God`s Children.]
80% of rapists motivated with displaced anger come from fatherless homes. 
[Criminal Justice & Behaviour, Vol 14, pp. 403-26, 1978.]
85% of children who exhibit behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes. 
[Center for Disease Control.]
70% of juveniles in state operated institutions have no father. 
[U.S. Dept. of Justice, Special Report, Sept. 1988.]
75% of prisoners grew up without a father.
Daniel Amneus, The Garbage Generation, Alhambra, CA: Primrose Press, 1990.
85% of youths in prisons grew up in a fatherless home.
[Fulton Co. Georgia jail populations, Texas Dept. of Corrections, 1992.]
Fatherless boys and girls are: twice as likely to drop out of high school; twice as likely to end up in jail; four times more likely to need help for emotional or behavioural problems.
[U.S. D.H.H.S. news release, March 26, 1999.]
Prior research finds that sexuality within marriage is an important component of marital quality and stability. Typically, studies find that higher sexual satisfaction or frequency is positively associated with marital stability (Yeh, Lorenz, Wickrama, Conger, & Elder 2006;
Edwards & Booth, 1994, Oggins, Leber, & Veroff, 1993; Veroff, Douvan, & Hatchett, 1995; White and Keith, 1990)
....declines in sexual satisfaction among married couples were associated with a higher likelihood of divorce 5 years later..... reports of sexual problems among married couples increased the likelihood of divorce, net of other relationship quality variables.
Posted on CRAIGSLIST ....(all misspellings are real)

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Early Journey Foundation

A sponsor of all the Positive Fathering Workshops and Boot Camps! The Early Journey Foundation is committed to helping all PreeMiracles and their parents overcome the odds. The foundation helps premature babies parents get the essentials they need as well as connect with other parents for motivation and support.
Experts define a sexless marriage as one in which couples make love no more than 10 times a year.

A 2003 Newsweek magazine study concluded that between 15% and 20% of couples fall into this category. That’s enough for experts to label it an epidemic.
Experts define a sexless marriage as one in which couples make love no more than 10 times a year.

A 2003
Newsweek magazine study concluded that between 15% and 20% of couples fall into this category. That’s enough for experts to label it an epidemic.
Or would you rather read this on CRAIGSLIST from your wife?

Married Women in Sexless Marriage Seeking NSA Sex TONIGHT! - - w4m - 28

I have been really bored lately. He works too much and the kids are driving me crazy. I need a man to sweep me off my feet. He is out of town tonight and I cant stand it any longer. I need sex! Your pic gets mine and then I gets mine......

Is this what you want her thoughts to be?
Do You want more SEX?
Do You want better SEX?
Do You want MORE SEX?
Our workshop will give you the secrets you need to have more and better sex. If your relationship with your wife falters, this will spill over into raising your children. Trust us, they notice everything. If you and your wife are not having fun, then we need to figure something out to put the fun back into the relationship. Come join us and make sure you get all the sex you need!
We have not forgotten about the Divorced Father. We know your struggles are different just like the struggles of each of us are different. We just want you to know that we are here to help you too. The stats don’t lie, 43% of marriages end in divorce and most of them have children! What if you get little time with your kids? What can you do to increase the time? What can you do to get more visitation? What can you do to ensure your kids don’t wind up a statistic?
"90% of divorced fathers have less than full access to their children."
 [Jonathan M. Honeycutt, Ph.D.(c), M.P.A., I.P.C. Director of Research, Clinical & Consulting Psychotherapist, National Institute for Divorce Research, Panama City, Florida.]
37.9% of fathers have no access or visitation rights.
 [Census Bureau P-60, #173, Sept 1991, p. 6, col. II, para. 6, lines 4 & 5.]
Two years after divorce, 51% of children in sole mother custody homes see their father once a year, twice a year, or never.
 [Guidubaldi, 1989; Guidubaldi, 1988; Guidubaldi, Perry, & Nastasi, 1987.]
70% of divorced fathers felt that they had too little time with their children. Very few of the children were satisfied with the amount of contact with their fathers.
 [Mary Ann Kock & Carol Lowery, "Visitation and the Noncustodial Father," Journal of Divorce, Vol. 8, No. 2, p. 54.]
42% of adult children of divorce report their mother tried to keep them from seeing their father, 25% to 40% of mothers admit to this, up to 75% of fathers report it. Twice the non-compliance with court-ordered child support.
 [Cathy Young, Ceasefire!, Free Press, 1999, p. 209, who cites five studies for these figures.]
67% of married mothers "seemed threatened by the idea of equal participation [in child care].” [Genevie and Margolies, The Motherhood Report, pp 358 - 359. Cited by Cathy Young in Ceasefire!, New York: Free Press, 1999, p56.]
90% of father disengagement is caused by obstruction of access by a custodial parent anxious to break the father-child ties.
 [Kruk, 1992, cited by Prof. John Guidubaldi in his Minority Report and Policy Recommendations of the US Commission on Child & Family Welfare, US Code Citation: 42 USC 12301, 1996. The same cause had been identified by Braver, Wolchik, & Sandler, 1985, without an incidence rate.]
40% of custodial mothers self-report interfering with visitation to punish the father.
 [Braver et al p. 449, "Frequency of Visitation by Divorced Fathers; Differences in Reports by Fathers and Mothers.", American. Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 1991. col. II, lines 3-6.]
42% of fathers do not see their children at all after divorce
 [Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr. and Christine Winguist Nord, "Parenting Apart," Journal of Marriage and the Family, Vol. 47, No. 4, Nov., 1985.].
The former spouse (mother) was the greatest obstacle to more frequent contact with the children.
 [James Dudley, "Increasing Our Understanding of Fathers who Have Infrequent Contact with their Children," Family Relations, Vol. 4, p. 281, July 1991.]
How about a Relationship counselor with a PhD? She can help you make nice as possible with you ex and even see if you can make it work!  She has seen where it all can go wrong and is committed to helping make a difference today!  
Dr. Beth Erickson completed her Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota where she studied how to deliberately generate psychological development in adults. At her final oral examination, she was told by her six-person examination committee that her ground-breaking research had advanced the state of knowledge in her field by ten years.

To date, Dr. Beth has authored three books.
Marriage Isn’t For Sissies: 7 Simple Keys to Unlocking the Best Part of Your Life
Released in December 2008, this matter-of-fact book has been embraced by readers and critics alike.
Longing For Dad: Father Loss and Its Impact
A book about the grieving process that is so powerful that it continues to be published after 11 years and printed in multiple languages.
Helping Men Change: The Role of the Female Therapist
In 1999, 2,468,800 juvenile arrests were recorded; of these, 380,500 were arrests for theft. In 2000, 2,369,400 arrests were recorded; of
Drug abuse violations accounted for 198,400 of the 1999 arrests, and 203,900 of the 2000 arrests.
Violent crime accounted for 103,900 of the 1999 arrests and 98,900 of the 2000 arrests. Across the board arrest rates dropped 5% between 1999 and
The nation's juvenile courts disposed of more than 1.7 million delinquency cases in 1997. ("Delinquency" offenses are those committed by a juvenile which would be crimes if committed by an adult). Two thousand of those were for criminal homicide, 6,500 for forcible rape, and 67,900 for aggravated assault. More than 180,000 were for drug related offenses.
During the 1998 to 1999 school year, a total of 34 school-aged children were murdered in or around school grounds or on the way to and from school.
Jeff Miller became the youngest Director of Public Safety for the largest security firm in the world in just 3 short years. A former Marine, he has managed 300+ acre facilities and dealt with juveniles in all walks of life. His S.L.E.D Certified Instructor certification has enabled him to teach other officers the details of juvenile enforcement.

He has successfully implemented curfew and stopped the loitering of over 1000 teenagers within a 30 day period. His stories will inspire you to take a more active role in your child’s life. When you think they are working, they might not be. When you think that “just hangin’ out” is ok, let Jeff tell you what he has seen.

Your child could be displaying signs of gang, drug-use and sexual activity and you are missing every one of them. Come see what Jeff can tell you, it may just save your child’s life.
Wouldn’t it be nice, if you
could just hit a Magic
Button and your child grow
up to be perfect?
You can by Registering
NOW! You Save 70%!
Make a Commitment Today. 
Change NOW.
With over 17 years in career services, he has had the opportunity to develop his coaching, recruiting, sales, marketing, management, and leadership abilities while helping a diverse group of people ages 21-79 with career transition.

Mr. Maxson has been able to work hands on worldwide with a broad range of the workforce having developed a background in career management, spousal relocation employment assistance, executive recruitment and placement, and group placement. The roles he has played have enabled him to establish, build, and maintain a firm grasp on the global workplace.

Mr. Maxson has met one-on-one with individuals and groups to cover the basics to the most sophisticated tactics of job search and career development. He has been successful in helping others with career decision-making, career assessment, interviewing skills, electronix job search tools, resume writing, salary negotiation, career transition and career planning.
Success is different for everyone. We know that. We want to help you reach your definition of success anyway you want to. If you need:
A Better Job
More Money
More Free Time
More of whatever you desire.

Let’s take another look at success. Let’s go over WHO you want to be. Think of your life, what would be your perfect life as a father, husband or man? What would you do with your “free” time? What could you accomplish if you could do anything?

This is the key to success. In fact, there is only one success, to be able to live your life in your own way. Anything else and you are at the mercy of life and not living.

We can help you with:
Resume services
Interview Help and Practice
Life Triggers
Life Directional Changes
Complete Transformations

Let us help you get started on your success today. Because you can’t be a good father if you are having struggles in other areas.
We won’t put any stats on success....
You know the 3% rule already
but besides that, what stats mean for success....
The only statistics that can stop you in any endeavor
are the statistics that you accept as true. The statistics never measure:

The Heart.
The Desire.
The Belief.
The Determination.
The Decision.
The Focus.
The Resolve.

All statistics do are give a general overview
of what someone thinks is happening.…
The only thing that matters is what is happening inside of you.
free counters
Yes, 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t get anything from this workshop that you can use right away in helping your life, then we will refund your money. No questions asked.
Yes, that is right, you have no excuse to change your life. You have no excuse not to have a better relationship, better sex, better marriage, better relationships, better career, and more success than ever before!

Please do not misunderstand something. This is not your Daddy’s Workshop. We are serious about helping everyone that wants the help. If you think you can come in here and not do some work yourself, you best do some soul searching. We can’t help you if you do not want or attempt to help yourself.

Also, even if you want to help yourself, understand it still won’t be easy. Do you know how many people sit and do nothing but REALLY want to better themselves? All the desire in the world accomplishes zero unless you are ready to make the disciplinary moves to WORK towards your goal. Many a man or woman are unsuccessful as they sit there waiting for the “laws” to magically work without lifting a finger. While we may talk about these laws and believe they exist, we also fundamentally believe that you must work.

We did not have to add all of this. We can just continue to make the sales, talk to people and then let them stew in the same position they came to us with. We graduate successful people. We do not allow you to fail if you show us you are ready.

We have helped thousands of people, and you can be next. We just don’t want you to think it can happen without this really bad four-letter word for some people - work!

Thank you and come on in, we are ready for you if you are ready for a new you.
Look, we realize this is hard to do...admitting you desire some help. Look at it this way, if you could get a raise at your job by learning more, would you learn more. Of course you would. Now imagine that this raise gives you something that changes your life. It is the raise of all raises! It forever gives you happiness at home, wonderful children and a happy lifestyle. Positive Fathering is all about this.
We want you to be successful. If you need a new job, we can help you find it.
If you need a new career, we can help you find it.
We want you to be successful at your career as well as home. We want you to not have to worry about bills, money, kids tuition, and all the other things in life.
We want you to SUCCEED in all of it.
That is another bonus you get when you come to the Positive Fathering Workshop, we help you jumpstart or start or flourish your career.
Positive Fathering is committed to helping you.

 Just come on and register to get started today!
Will You Leave a Strong Legacy?
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1)Your Child
2) Your Wife
3)Anything Else!
Children reaching age 3 without being able
to say a word, survey finds.
Compared to children born within marriage, children born to cohabiting parents
are three times as likely to experience father absence, and children born to unmarried
non-cohabiting parents are four times as likely to live in a father-absent home.
71% of teens say they have a good relationship with their mother,
Compared to 58% reporting a good relationship with their father.
24 million children(34%) live absent their biological father
And what is your relationship with your children?
Ok, yeah but what am I getting really?
You, sir, are getting the most up to date information on how to be a better father, husband and a man. Not only will the take-home work book give you some incredible information, but you will continue to get help from us in the Tips and Tricks newsletter. You will also be subscribed to the Positive Fathering E-zine! You will get 1-month free on our Anytime Success Mentoring site as well. Really, you can’t beat this for any amount of money, but we only charge you $99.00! ($29.00 for a limited time!) This is an amazing offer. You will not only be shown exacts steps to better yourself in fatherhood, marriage and your career, you will get to ask questions and network with other fathers on their ways to get through their specific situations.

This life changing event is happening all over the country. If you are not yet listed as a city, be patient, we are coming close to you. Sign up for our newsletter and get the updates as they are scheduled.
This economy is rough on all of us. We know this, but I am sure that once you realize what you are getting for your $99.00 ($29.00 for a limited time!), you can be sure that this is definitely one work shop you NEED to attend.

You will learn Fatherhood tips:
How to connect with your child
How to cope with the changes in your child
How to have a happy home for your child
How to instill a lifetime of learning

You will learn Fitness tips:
How to get better at Sex!
How to be Fit Enough for your family
Why counting reps doesn’t work
How to get your body back in 10 minutes a day
How knowing the Fitness Equation will guarantee results FAST
What to eat within 1 hour of waking up to burn fat all day
Why ‘diet’ foods are keeping you fat

You will learn Speech and First Impressions:
Take this opportunity to learn about the hidden potential of both your physical voice and YOUR voice as in who you are, what your life purpose is, and how to communicate that clearly and powerfully to the world, so that you can make a difference and impact lives. Also learn powerful techniques that will boost your confidence, transform the way you connect with people, and take your life and business to new heights.

You will learn how to make Relationships last:
Understand and resolve relationship conundrums.
Communicate better with your family.
Deal with loss, change or heartache.
Transform groups, whether at work or at home, into productive teams.
Be inspired so you can live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.

You will learn Career tips:
How to ace the interview
Why resumes do not get you a job
10 tips for job-hunting now

How to think BIG
How to be Focused
How to be Creative
How removing two words changes your relationships, children, spouse and career!

As you can see, you will be given a LOT of information in a very short time. Be prepared to listen and take a LOT of notes. We will also have a question and answer period where you can get a specific answer to your conundrum!

We cannot stress enough that you come ready and willing to learn. We will hit a lot of things.

Here is what you need to do right now. Click HERE to register. You will get the discount right now! We can’t offer this forever so do it now to make sure you are in. We only accept a low number of people, so you need to get in early to save your seat.

Suzann Rye is a bestselling author, speaker, coach and artist - and an internationally renowned expert on voice, performance and communications training.

Her work is rooted in her extensive stage experience—over twenty years as a performer and vocalist.
Danish/American, Suzann was brought up in Denmark, moved to the UK in her early twenties and went on to create a name for herself on the worldwide music scene. She has worked over the world, toured as a solo artist, released several records, and had top twenty hits in the US, Brazil, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and Japan. Today, Suzann divides her time between Europe and the US.

As a coach and teacher, Suzann has helped thousands of people find their voices and transform their lives.
She typically works with coaches, teachers, speakers, entrepreneurs, business owners, authors and artists to help them become even more inspiring, authentic and dynamic communicators. She also helps them empower their physical voices in order to avoid voice fatigue and wear.
Suzann works holistically with emphasis on authentic self expression and personal fulfillment. Her work reflects a deep understanding of the human spirit; a trait that has always allowed her to appeal to a broad audience.