Everything You Need To Succeed Was Inside You BEFORE You Were Born.

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Let me tell you, I understand what he means. My daughters birth took me on a journey to write my two books. I witnessed a true miracle and I want you to read Robin’s book as well.

As a favor to Robin, he asked me to give you a free gift, for buying his book and letting him into your home.

You are here for your free goodies for purchasing the wonderful new book,

The Leader Who Had No Title by Robin Sharma.

I can tell you that Robin Sharma’s books have given me inspiration and I still give them to people everyday!

If you want to really become a leader, regardless of your position in life, read this book. If you want to lead in your family, at your job, or just in your life experiences, read this book!

Let me tell you that I promise that I will give you more value for purchasing this wonderful book than you can shake a stick at. But first, I want to tell you about my newest project - FixtheFamilyFixAmerica.org

Simply let me know who you are, and any friend of my friend, Robin Sharma, is a friend of mine.

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Yes, yes, remember free gifts?
I do, yes I do. Let me begin by telling you that you will get a free chapter in my book Natural Success Principles. I also want to give you a free month of mentoring at our site Anytime Success. Go to www.AnytimeSuccess.com and simply sign up, you will get a 30 day free trial.

Now let’s see, what else can I give you....You know what, I will give you an MP3 recording also. Once you get the chapter of the book, you will receive a special link only for Robin Sharma buyers, to download me talking about how successful people THINK! You get to figure out what needs to change in your way of thinking.

So thank you for buying Robin’s book, thank you for coming to my site, and Robin and I want you to succeed. Trust me, I don’t go around this country helping to Fix the Family unless I am serious about helping people.
Please tell me your story at www.Blessedwith.com.

Fix the Family, Fix America is a four-part project that will impact generations. I, too, am trying to do my part and call myself the Human Spirit Revitalizer. I witnessed firsthand that you have everything you need to succeed inside you before you were born.  With that knowledge, I must go and teach that we need the Rise of the Individual. We are doing this through workshops and Boot Camps for the following topics:


Positive Fathering – An initiative to get the Father to have a better life and do a better job than simply donating a chromosome

Make-a-Difference Mothering – This seminar helps the mother have a better life in all areas and be more attune to their children

Pull-Through-Parenting – The goals you had when you were married, all found and your goals for a better generation all realized

Reveal Your Success – The one for everyone. We inspire the spirit within and help you, as an individual be responsible for your own life and look to no one for your happiness and success.